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Our History

The Maine Timberlands Charitable Trust is a private charitable foundation established by Barbara “Bee” Wheatland upon her death in 2010. Our mission is to assist organizations dedicated to the conservation and economic development of forestlands, timberlands and other natural resources in the State of Maine, as well as related education, research and other activities supporting the environmentally compatible use and preservation of these resources, by making grants to fund projects at 501(c)(3) charitable organizations whose vision and goals align with our mission.


Bee was a true “daughter of Maine," with a deep lifelong love for the Maine woods and commitment to responsible stewardship of the land. She was actively involved in the development of “green” certified forestry practices and hardwood processing facilities in Maine, individual ownership of working forestlands, and innovative approaches in the economic development of Maine’s natural resources to provide expanded employment opportunities for Maine residents.

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Barbara "Bee" Wheatland

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